Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

New York , New York

We had a great trip down to NewYork by train , made all the better by an entertaining waitress, who new her stuff when it came to dealing with customers . it was a great way to travel .

Below , the Harbour Bridge that greeted us into New York .


We had three nights here and it was , go ,go ,go . we are staying up at Columbus circuit , near Central Park .

See me below , our hotel is centre left , 49th floor , great view .


We have done the 9/11 Memorial , which is a very moving experience , Statton Island Ferry , Central Park , Met Museum , lots and lots of walking , lots and lots of shops .

Below , The memorial pools , The New No 1 Tower , The front of a fire engine in the museum .


Below , The Statton Island Ferry view of The Statue Of Liberty , and the Coast Guard Patrol Boat that follows you with its manned machine gunner in front .


And for us , no big city can be visited without us calling into see our friend Van Gough .


I could sit in that room all day , and absorb the incredible art .
So I anticipate this will be the last post from this part of the world as we are heading home tomorrow , See you all Sunday , Sydney time .

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