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Last Day in Boston

Our time here in Boston has come to an end , and it was a very hectic two days . Trying to fit everything into the itinerary was difficult , so maybe we missed a few sites but that is how it goes . Boston is as they say , easy to get around and we did most of it on foot , we walked the Freedom Trail , Boston Common , Becon Hill , Newbury St , and two of there beautiful Art Museums

Below is a glimpse of the Freedom Trail , made famous by Paul Revere


And next while walking the trail we were besieged by people walking in the tide against us all carrying these blue and white boxes , apparently you stop at this shop to pick up a pastry or two to sustain you on the walk , and we did to !


As we walked we were amazed at how open and beautiful this city is ,and the weather was great to .


We left our B&B this morning , caught a taxi for the train to New York . We hailed the cab down , the driver got out to help with our luggage , I hopped in the back and what did I find , this little bloke on the back seat , didn’t leave a lot of room for luggage , but we managed . He was working with Dad .


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