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Foul Weather Ahead !!!


We are now on Mt Desert Island , Bar Harbour ,Maine and it’s time to get the Sou Wester’s out .We are experiencing as we call it back home an East Coast Low .We’ve had two days of solid rain and there is more to come .
We arrived here two days ago with the intention of walking and cycling through the Arcadia National Park , we at least had the opportunity to drive through the park before the rain started.
The park is fingered all over Mt Desert Island and is quite beautiful but after all this wind and rain there won’t be a autumn leaf left .

So as you do in situations like this you head indoors and eat instead , below is a picture of what your supposed to try in these part , hot popovers with jam and butter and a pot of tea . There is also a pic of our B&B , it’s not a bad place to bunker down in ,as you can’t venture outside .


We have driven every road around these parts ,so I think it’s a book day or couple of days !


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