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Last Day in Nova Scotia , UNWELL

Well we were out to explore our surround , near Peggys Cove on our last day . We drove to explore other coves and returned to Peggys late in the afternoon . They have a preservation area all around Peggys Cove and the pictures below were all taken around Peggys . The area is full of granite boulders , prostrate plants , lakes and bogs , quite beautiful. As we walked through this amazing landscape I noticed ,what I think are pitcher plants ( in the top photo) I’ve never seen these growing in the wild , they push there way out of the top of bog ( hope I don’t bore you with this but I think there amazing as they catch insects and digest them ) It was an amazing landscape .



After that lovely afternoon , things started disintegrate , don't ask me why but it started with a pain in the top of Bruce's foot , he had to go to bed and started to shiver and shake , then I felt unwell , to cut it short we spent the night with our heads in the toilet bowl .

Still not great next morning , no breakfast for us , into the car for a travel day to our next stop St John , only 5 hours ( oh no , oh no ) got there at 2pm ,went to bed and slept it off .

Don't want that again !


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2 thoughts on “Last Day in Nova Scotia , UNWELL

  1. Hope you are feel better, had an image of you both sharing the same toilet – thats togetherness!

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