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Nova Scotia

We took an hour long ferry ride to get to Nova Scotia , and we were welcomed on arrival by Hurricane Gonzola .
The hurricane was working its way up the Atlantic Coast heading for Canada so after we docked we had a drive of about 160kms to our next stop “Peggy’s Cove “which is on the ocean side of the island and it was an experience .
The whole drive was in torrential rain and wind ,so on arrival at Peggy’s Cove ,Bruce was white knuckled and stiff necked and I had a good dose of clenched jaw . The edge of the storm had passed by sunset and the beautiful sights of Peggy’s Cove were revealed.
This is a lobster fishing village but the season does not start till November.

Our B&B is in the middle picture below ,yellow building on the left .



I’m glad I took the pictures above when I did because one minute you see it ,next minute it’s gone in a sea of fog , we are on a very exposed headland here at the Cove and the fog comes and goes constantly .
We have actually been told this is the only place on the island to visit and I must say there was not much to see in Halifax . At least there are some pretty coves on this southern shore

I found this little picture below in a book at our B&B , it sums it up well , it’s the only place to bring a tourist .



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One thought on “Nova Scotia

  1. Jeff Clark on said:

    Bruce and Maree-Ann, really enjoying the photos and comments on your travels. I have had google maps out following you – Margee-Ann plenty of “material” in Peggy’s Cove for future painting projects. Look forward to the next instalment.

    PS: Hope you find a moose.

    Jeff Jeff Clark Ph: 9773 5435

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