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Ann of Green Gables

We are at the end of our two night stay here on Prince Edward Island , we have stayed with the most amazing lady Veronica , a cook extraordinaire .

There were copious amounts of food to be consumed at breakfast , and the menus went like this , Homemade Granola with fresh Strawberries , followed by a fresh fruit parfait with fluffy lemon yoghurt , Warm croissant filled with Scrambled Egg and savoury Veg ,sprinkled with cheese and put under the grill , 12 Homemade pumpkin ,dark chocolate and pecan muffins , 12 Orange and Cranberry Scones , followed by copious amounts of coffee .


We left Veronica each morning with a clip lock bag of goodies .

Below is Bruce outside our B&B in Charlotte Town , Thanks Veronica .


Now back to the title of the Blog , this Island is renowned for its connection to the book “Ann Of Green Gables ” it was the birth place of the author and the setting for the world famous book . There is a constant pilgrimage to this Island for the lovers of this book , I have never read the book , but mind you Bruce has . I did buy a copy though, so it’s now on the future reading list .

Below is the home that was the inspiration for this book which was published in 1908


We caught the car ferry late in the afternoon and left this Island for the next , Nova Scotia . Bruce thinks I should have said “We set sail from Prince Edward Island for Nova Scotia” I think he’s under the influence of that famous book .

Below , those goodies .



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