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Prince Edward Island

It’s taken us two long days driving to get here . When we left Quebec two days ago our host asked us “where to next ” . We told her Prince Edward Island , and she said ” Oh your flying ” no were driving was our reply . She gave us a vacant look and now I know why .

it was a long boring two days , excellent two lane divided roads but absolutely nothing to see only moose fences , these stop the moose careering onto the highway and also behind these same fences is heavily timbered flat terraine.

Our only flicker of excitement was late yesterday afternoon when our trusty Sally Sat Nav got us lost on a dirt road in a fog and our first moose ran across the road in front of us , he was so big and so quick that no pic was taken . so you will have to take my word for it .


We made it to the island mid morning and had another bridge crossing , this one not covered and 13 kms long , quite impressive and it bends in the middle. Look into the distance of the picture .


So far this Island is very beautiful and I must say now , it was worth the drive , it’s nothing like the scenery of the last two days driving through New Brunswick . This Island is quite charming .

Below is a small snapshot PEI ( Prince Edward Island) as they call it .




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