Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Weekend in Quebec

We are relaxing in our room after a hectic two days walking the streets of the Old and new Quebec , we are staying in the historical part of town ,within the fortified walls . The British took the city from the French a long time ago , but the language is still French , we started with a two hour tour to understand the history , We dined in restaurants that were contained in buildings built in the 1600’s .

The crowds were unbelievable , we were walking against a tide of people most of the time . Large ships containing tourists ( I think I’m not one of them ) enter this port and it makes for a hectic time

Below is today’s selection of pics , Bruce being the tourist , that’s him at the end , a side view of our lovely apartment and a beautiful Donkey that stole my heart , he distracted me on our two hour tour , I could have stayed talking to him , he belonged to the Bishop in the church grounds we were learning about , and our lovely 16th century restaurant.


Today we escaped the crowds in town by catching the bus out to Chute Montmorency . The weather was great and the crowds less


And to finish of our Quebec experience I have inserted some food , a great dessert on the left and breakfast in our room on the right



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