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New York , New York

We had a great trip down to NewYork by train , made all the better by an entertaining waitress, who new her stuff when it came to dealing with customers . it was a great way to travel .

Below , the Harbour Bridge that greeted us into New York .


We had three nights here and it was , go ,go ,go . we are staying up at Columbus circuit , near Central Park .

See me below , our hotel is centre left , 49th floor , great view .


We have done the 9/11 Memorial , which is a very moving experience , Statton Island Ferry , Central Park , Met Museum , lots and lots of walking , lots and lots of shops .

Below , The memorial pools , The New No 1 Tower , The front of a fire engine in the museum .


Below , The Statton Island Ferry view of The Statue Of Liberty , and the Coast Guard Patrol Boat that follows you with its manned machine gunner in front .


And for us , no big city can be visited without us calling into see our friend Van Gough .


I could sit in that room all day , and absorb the incredible art .
So I anticipate this will be the last post from this part of the world as we are heading home tomorrow , See you all Sunday , Sydney time .

Last Day in Boston

Our time here in Boston has come to an end , and it was a very hectic two days . Trying to fit everything into the itinerary was difficult , so maybe we missed a few sites but that is how it goes . Boston is as they say , easy to get around and we did most of it on foot , we walked the Freedom Trail , Boston Common , Becon Hill , Newbury St , and two of there beautiful Art Museums

Below is a glimpse of the Freedom Trail , made famous by Paul Revere


And next while walking the trail we were besieged by people walking in the tide against us all carrying these blue and white boxes , apparently you stop at this shop to pick up a pastry or two to sustain you on the walk , and we did to !


As we walked we were amazed at how open and beautiful this city is ,and the weather was great to .


We left our B&B this morning , caught a taxi for the train to New York . We hailed the cab down , the driver got out to help with our luggage , I hopped in the back and what did I find , this little bloke on the back seat , didn’t leave a lot of room for luggage , but we managed . He was working with Dad .


Last Day Bar Harbour , First Day Boston

Well that rain never stopped , we tried to get out on our last day to enjoy the Arcadia NP and we were determined to walk , we managed for a while until below the knees got to wet .
I must say one advantage of the rain was that the waterfalls were spectacular .

Below is a vignette of the park .



Today has been a transport day , we left Bar Harbour this morning , drove to Boston , said farewell to our car and caught a taxi into Boston .

below a picture of me ! On the steps of our B&B


Foul Weather Ahead !!!


We are now on Mt Desert Island , Bar Harbour ,Maine and it’s time to get the Sou Wester’s out .We are experiencing as we call it back home an East Coast Low .We’ve had two days of solid rain and there is more to come .
We arrived here two days ago with the intention of walking and cycling through the Arcadia National Park , we at least had the opportunity to drive through the park before the rain started.
The park is fingered all over Mt Desert Island and is quite beautiful but after all this wind and rain there won’t be a autumn leaf left .

So as you do in situations like this you head indoors and eat instead , below is a picture of what your supposed to try in these part , hot popovers with jam and butter and a pot of tea . There is also a pic of our B&B , it’s not a bad place to bunker down in ,as you can’t venture outside .


We have driven every road around these parts ,so I think it’s a book day or couple of days !


Last Day in Nova Scotia , UNWELL

Well we were out to explore our surround , near Peggys Cove on our last day . We drove to explore other coves and returned to Peggys late in the afternoon . They have a preservation area all around Peggys Cove and the pictures below were all taken around Peggys . The area is full of granite boulders , prostrate plants , lakes and bogs , quite beautiful. As we walked through this amazing landscape I noticed ,what I think are pitcher plants ( in the top photo) I’ve never seen these growing in the wild , they push there way out of the top of bog ( hope I don’t bore you with this but I think there amazing as they catch insects and digest them ) It was an amazing landscape .



After that lovely afternoon , things started disintegrate , don't ask me why but it started with a pain in the top of Bruce's foot , he had to go to bed and started to shiver and shake , then I felt unwell , to cut it short we spent the night with our heads in the toilet bowl .

Still not great next morning , no breakfast for us , into the car for a travel day to our next stop St John , only 5 hours ( oh no , oh no ) got there at 2pm ,went to bed and slept it off .

Don't want that again !


Nova Scotia

We took an hour long ferry ride to get to Nova Scotia , and we were welcomed on arrival by Hurricane Gonzola .
The hurricane was working its way up the Atlantic Coast heading for Canada so after we docked we had a drive of about 160kms to our next stop “Peggy’s Cove “which is on the ocean side of the island and it was an experience .
The whole drive was in torrential rain and wind ,so on arrival at Peggy’s Cove ,Bruce was white knuckled and stiff necked and I had a good dose of clenched jaw . The edge of the storm had passed by sunset and the beautiful sights of Peggy’s Cove were revealed.
This is a lobster fishing village but the season does not start till November.

Our B&B is in the middle picture below ,yellow building on the left .



I’m glad I took the pictures above when I did because one minute you see it ,next minute it’s gone in a sea of fog , we are on a very exposed headland here at the Cove and the fog comes and goes constantly .
We have actually been told this is the only place on the island to visit and I must say there was not much to see in Halifax . At least there are some pretty coves on this southern shore

I found this little picture below in a book at our B&B , it sums it up well , it’s the only place to bring a tourist .



Ann of Green Gables

We are at the end of our two night stay here on Prince Edward Island , we have stayed with the most amazing lady Veronica , a cook extraordinaire .

There were copious amounts of food to be consumed at breakfast , and the menus went like this , Homemade Granola with fresh Strawberries , followed by a fresh fruit parfait with fluffy lemon yoghurt , Warm croissant filled with Scrambled Egg and savoury Veg ,sprinkled with cheese and put under the grill , 12 Homemade pumpkin ,dark chocolate and pecan muffins , 12 Orange and Cranberry Scones , followed by copious amounts of coffee .


We left Veronica each morning with a clip lock bag of goodies .

Below is Bruce outside our B&B in Charlotte Town , Thanks Veronica .


Now back to the title of the Blog , this Island is renowned for its connection to the book “Ann Of Green Gables ” it was the birth place of the author and the setting for the world famous book . There is a constant pilgrimage to this Island for the lovers of this book , I have never read the book , but mind you Bruce has . I did buy a copy though, so it’s now on the future reading list .

Below is the home that was the inspiration for this book which was published in 1908


We caught the car ferry late in the afternoon and left this Island for the next , Nova Scotia . Bruce thinks I should have said “We set sail from Prince Edward Island for Nova Scotia” I think he’s under the influence of that famous book .

Below , those goodies .



Prince Edward Island

It’s taken us two long days driving to get here . When we left Quebec two days ago our host asked us “where to next ” . We told her Prince Edward Island , and she said ” Oh your flying ” no were driving was our reply . She gave us a vacant look and now I know why .

it was a long boring two days , excellent two lane divided roads but absolutely nothing to see only moose fences , these stop the moose careering onto the highway and also behind these same fences is heavily timbered flat terraine.

Our only flicker of excitement was late yesterday afternoon when our trusty Sally Sat Nav got us lost on a dirt road in a fog and our first moose ran across the road in front of us , he was so big and so quick that no pic was taken . so you will have to take my word for it .


We made it to the island mid morning and had another bridge crossing , this one not covered and 13 kms long , quite impressive and it bends in the middle. Look into the distance of the picture .


So far this Island is very beautiful and I must say now , it was worth the drive , it’s nothing like the scenery of the last two days driving through New Brunswick . This Island is quite charming .

Below is a small snapshot PEI ( Prince Edward Island) as they call it .




Another Covered Bridge

Sorry to do this , I thought I had seen all the bridges there were to see , but today we drove into a little town today between Quebec and Prince Edward Island , and there was the longest covered bridge in the WORLD not the United States ,as I shared with you before ,but the world . Now I’m sharing this new bridge with you all , I was impressed !

Mind you this was the highlight of the day , not much more out here.
Every shop was closed , every town deserted and then at the end of the day we found out it is Canadian Thanksgiving today , that’s why no one was around .

Below is that covered bridge !



Weekend in Quebec

We are relaxing in our room after a hectic two days walking the streets of the Old and new Quebec , we are staying in the historical part of town ,within the fortified walls . The British took the city from the French a long time ago , but the language is still French , we started with a two hour tour to understand the history , We dined in restaurants that were contained in buildings built in the 1600’s .

The crowds were unbelievable , we were walking against a tide of people most of the time . Large ships containing tourists ( I think I’m not one of them ) enter this port and it makes for a hectic time

Below is today’s selection of pics , Bruce being the tourist , that’s him at the end , a side view of our lovely apartment and a beautiful Donkey that stole my heart , he distracted me on our two hour tour , I could have stayed talking to him , he belonged to the Bishop in the church grounds we were learning about , and our lovely 16th century restaurant.


Today we escaped the crowds in town by catching the bus out to Chute Montmorency . The weather was great and the crowds less


And to finish of our Quebec experience I have inserted some food , a great dessert on the left and breakfast in our room on the right



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