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New Sea Change , No .

Well , we reserved telling everyone until we were sure we had our new purchase in place , all that has now gone , we did all our searches , signed our contracts , paid our deposit , and then came the phone call . The words were ,we had a better offer and a shorter settlement time .

Weeks of no sleep , painting Oatley internally , little repairs , moving furniture out .
All for nothing “NOT HAPPY JAN. ”


Manyana Dreaming and our New Sea Change

Well we have spent the last 8 weeks agonizing over whether what we are about to do is the right move for us . We have seen a block of land down the coast in the same area we have enjoyed for the past 19 years .

We think it’s time to build something more substantial and make a permanent move south , so we are therefore now going to embark on a new chapter of our life .

We have listed our home for sale here in Oatley , we’ve bought land in North Bendalong on which we will build , and at the same time we hope to purchase a villa in the Northern Illawarra , so we can come and be nearer to our family .

Its been a hard decision , but we have made it and are looking forward to our new lifestyle ,
So more Manyana Dreaming , or Bendalong Dreaming for us now !




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