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Just Cruising The Groomers

Had a great day just finding the runs that Margy Ann calls here favourites. The snow has been in perfect condition, Still well below freezing all the time , but warm enough to really enjoy. The day was a mix of cloud up high, Just sitting on the summit of Mt Todd all day



So as you can see. Not much use trying to ski on this part of the mountain. But come down a few hundred mfrs and the whole valley was clear



And again!!! Notice Margy Ann fighting the crowd. The runs you see across the valley and village is the other Area Mt Morrissey. Thats where we are heading today in about one hour. It is snowing very heavily right now as i type this at7.30am Wed Morning.



The one reason Margy Ann goes out on mornings like this, when to lay in bed, and watch the snow flakes fall outside our bedroom window would be an easy alternative. I think, is to justify the morning tea break and enjoy some of the home cook specialties from Elizabeth & Conrad at Bolaccos Cafe create. I notice now they even serve Margy Ann matching plates to her parker colour. How tasteful.


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