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Safety First

For all of those concerned followers, (Vic) I assure you all safety equipment is used at all times. The Schumacher skiing school is not followed and no out of bound skiing is allowed. Note the new helmet.

Then off course we could stick to the more dangerous pastimes


Private ski mountain

As you can see above,Margy Ann awaiting to ski down this run when the crowd dissapeared. We have had no new snow falls since we arrived three days ago. But who cares. The skiing has been sensational. The snow is so dry and light it’s cheating snow. You can’t help but ski great on this.

They tell us these few weeks are the quietest time of season. The British Columbia long weekend and holiday is over. The USA presidents week is over, now it’s quiet untill Canada Spring break is to come in a few weeks. We sure are not complaining..


Sunpeaks Cruising

Well we have arrived for our 2 week stay here in Sunpeaks , every thing is up to the usual standard ( very good ) . We were greeted on arrival in Vancouver to a heavy snow fall which even had the flight attendant looking out of the plane window in amazement . There was a delay here as planes were grounded at other airports due to the fact that they had run out of de icing liquid .
We eventually got to Sunpeaks , although a little tired.


Our first morning was spent getting equipped for our skiing , Bruce and I both tested some demo’s , then later in the day made two purchases of new Rossignol’s , makes me a much better skier , ( I need all the help I can get )


Great skiing was had on these new purchases , there was also a new helmet for me now that I’m skiing some much better !!!

One of the most important musts on the recreation side is to head to Conrad’s for coffee and we made a quick retreat from good snow to enjoy the next best thing which is his coffee and cakes that his wife bakes daily .


The skiing has been picture perfect , blue sky days , and no one around , just us and our shadows.


heading for home my day is done, the legs are tired!

Margy Ann’s Birthday Party


Margy Ann’s  Birthday party was spent down at Crackenback Resort Thredbo.









Off to dinner up the road



The lovely house we stayed in



And the magnificent birthday cake Kimmy made 



Happy Faces 



Ella & Nan on top of Thredbo 


Tourists In Sydney

Ron & Pat visited us in the most beautiful city in the world, Sydney!

The trouble is, we live in it and don’t stop to appreciate it enough.

What a fun couple of days.


We toured the harbour, ate the seafood!




Had a drink or two too!!!!


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