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Pre Birthday 60th Lunch

Well, Bruces 60th Birthday started a bit early , we will be away for Bruce’s Birthday on the 19th of August ,so we shared a Pre Birthday Lunch with family yesterday . A great day was had by all , and a big thank you to Kimmy and Holly for this great cake , We will be having it again today for morning tea .



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2 thoughts on “Pre Birthday 60th Lunch

  1. Vicki Cuthbertson on said:

    I saw this pic posted on FB and its great, it doesn’t seem that long ago you both gave the twins a 60th – how time flies – I cant reply to your blog – well maybe I can but they want to know stuff all of which fuels my paranoia, So Bruce how can you be 60 – scary but hope you have a great time on the snow and enjoy your birthday, its the day before Guys, I didn’t realize that till now. Looks like everything is coming together for you MAK – enjoy it. Its falling apart over here and this week is going to be dreadful. All we want now is peace and quiet in abundance. I think your cake makers were super clever and what a vision it looked, From Bob to Bruce – “WE DIDNT GET A BLOODY INVITE – BLOODY OLD BASTARD ” but nice to see the Grandies and you both, stay well and happy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY – love from us all xxxxx ___________________________ Vicki Cuthbertson

    • Thanks Vic , I hope you get this reply , I was only referring to The Twins 60th yesterday , where does that time go .
      I always used to say to my mum , please send me to a deserted island when R&R is in order .

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