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Winters Day. It’s the Best

Well, winter in Manyana!.
The seasons are very real down here. You live through the full force of what’s on offer.
No, there’s no block out needed , no , there are no crowds, actually there is just no people at all.
It’s like a scene from a sci fi movie, all the houses are here,the streets and beach, everything is as it should be ,but it’s a ghost town, no one to be seen.
I choose my surf time when ever I want, the reef break is about two more hours off being perfect with the wind, swell and tide, all coming together with not another surfer in sight. Even though the days are cool, the water is still comfortable, about 19c.
As like yesterday, it looks like I will have the surf totally to myself again.
With the seas very large at the moment, I fished off the back of Green Island into the shark pit, on the bottom of the tide this morning. It’s always exciting fishing when the seas are like this. To get set up with all the equipment to survive the elements (wetsuits,rubber spiked boots,shoulder bag, burley bucket all tied to you as you have stand on the reef at times up to your waist in water.
To land and hold fish while keeping rod and reel above water is always a challenge. The large green moray eels around your legs are always a bit off putting.
A nice fire to return to after fishing and surfing is on of life’s great pleasures.
Many fish where caught, but I only kept enough for a good feed the two drummer where 55cm and 50cm the blackfish was 42cm.



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One thought on “Winters Day. It’s the Best

  1. Sounds lovely….maybe even a perfect day to stay in bed and relax. Hope you enjoyed your fish.

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