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Jump Ups, Mesas and Dinosaurs

We have just arrived in Longreach, we’ve been out of Telstar signal for a couple of days , we left Boulia two days ago and headed out onto a back road to Winton , it has taken two days and we have had the most amazing scenery . The landscape was amazing , lots of Jump Ups , Mesas , Kangaroos , Emu, passed Old Cork Station and crossed the Diamantina and continued on through the Channel Country.
We finished with a visit to Lark Quarry Conservation Park , it is here in the protection of a building that you can view Dinosaur footprints. The Dinosaurs were involved in a stampede , it was amazing to view something that old . it is apparently the only place in the world that you can see such recorded evidence .
We will set camp here in town for a couple of days and soak up what Longreach has to offer .

Todays pics are of some of the great scenery



Two Dinosaurs below


And a Dinosaur Footprint


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