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Its Time for a Tagine

Well we are here in Manyana , it’s cold outside , the fire is lit . I’ve had this lovely Tagine sitting on the bench for maybe 5 years or more , it has been used ,as family know , to hide the stash of chocolates that accumulate at times .
Today it’s being used for what it was made , its been soaked in water for a day ,then loaded with lamb shanks ,vegetables and spices ,lemon and orange . Lets hope it all comes together to produce a good winter meal .



I kept you all wondering , It was really good !

Winters Day. It’s the Best

Well, winter in Manyana!.
The seasons are very real down here. You live through the full force of what’s on offer.
No, there’s no block out needed , no , there are no crowds, actually there is just no people at all.
It’s like a scene from a sci fi movie, all the houses are here,the streets and beach, everything is as it should be ,but it’s a ghost town, no one to be seen.
I choose my surf time when ever I want, the reef break is about two more hours off being perfect with the wind, swell and tide, all coming together with not another surfer in sight. Even though the days are cool, the water is still comfortable, about 19c.
As like yesterday, it looks like I will have the surf totally to myself again.
With the seas very large at the moment, I fished off the back of Green Island into the shark pit, on the bottom of the tide this morning. It’s always exciting fishing when the seas are like this. To get set up with all the equipment to survive the elements (wetsuits,rubber spiked boots,shoulder bag, burley bucket all tied to you as you have stand on the reef at times up to your waist in water.
To land and hold fish while keeping rod and reel above water is always a challenge. The large green moray eels around your legs are always a bit off putting.
A nice fire to return to after fishing and surfing is on of life’s great pleasures.
Many fish where caught, but I only kept enough for a good feed the two drummer where 55cm and 50cm the blackfish was 42cm.



The Three Amigos

We had our last night camp with Tony and Barb on Tuesday night , we selected a free camp site out front of the Nindigully Pub .
Happy Hour was offered at at 5pm with live entertainment ( out in the middle of nowhere) , and to our delight the entertainer was having a Jimmy Buffet Hour , little did he know ,he had a couple of Parrot Heads at the head of the bar. We had some great music for an hour and the boys had $2.50 beers .
Who would have thought out here !

Todays Pic is of the Three Amigos in front of the pub ,all in new hats , one called a Bronco, one called a Waltzing Matilda, and one Made In Mexico .


Longreach to Auguthella

We are on the slow road home , we left Sandra and Darb yesterday in Longreach ( they have another few weeks to go on their trip . we are heading south now , and yesterday drove one of the worst roads I’ve ever been on ( dirt roads are better ) it was like riding the waves in a boat , and we had to negotiate road trains at the same time , enough to make you break into a sweat !
Bruce topped off the day by putting unleaded petrol into our diesel tank , 10 litres to be exact , so we have to keep topping up with fuel today , hope this dilutes it. he is on the phone to our mechanic at the moment .

Todays pic is of two cowboys we picked up on the way


Longreach Birdlife

The bird life in Longreach

Jump Ups, Mesas and Dinosaurs

We have just arrived in Longreach, we’ve been out of Telstar signal for a couple of days , we left Boulia two days ago and headed out onto a back road to Winton , it has taken two days and we have had the most amazing scenery . The landscape was amazing , lots of Jump Ups , Mesas , Kangaroos , Emu, passed Old Cork Station and crossed the Diamantina and continued on through the Channel Country.
We finished with a visit to Lark Quarry Conservation Park , it is here in the protection of a building that you can view Dinosaur footprints. The Dinosaurs were involved in a stampede , it was amazing to view something that old . it is apparently the only place in the world that you can see such recorded evidence .
We will set camp here in town for a couple of days and soak up what Longreach has to offer .

Todays pics are of some of the great scenery



Two Dinosaurs below


And a Dinosaur Footprint


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