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Boulia to Bouganvillia

We are now in Boulia , this town is the home of the Min Min Lights which is some type of lights that can be viewed in the night sky , we bushed camped last night between Bedourie and Boulia , we had a spectacular night sky full of stars .
Today we head out to Lark Hill which is famous for it dinosaur fossils , it will be another bush camp tonight .
The flies are absolutely unbelievable out here . Don’t open your mouth !

Today’s pic is of the bouganvillia’s in town .


Check Out Time in Birdsville

It’s 9am and we are now leaving town , heading north to Boulia, Sunny and a cool breeze blowing . Batteries recharged , showered and ready for another bush camp. Fresh bread bought , and Tony has restocked his beer supply from the hotel . Darb has had his morning pie


Big Day at Big Red

The thing to do in Birdsville , other than supporting the pub , is to take a drive out to BIG RED, apparently the largest sand dune in the Simpson Desert , this was our mission today ,and I’m pleased to say it was achieved by all . BIG RED is 35kms out of town , there are over 1000 sand dunes out there , we traversed the first two.
We collected firewood on the way back , and the campfire is now lit , Dinner tonight is Roasted Chickens and vegetables in the camp ovens .As i write this I’m enjoying a cold gin and tonic with a harassment of flies diving into the Gin .
Must be some happy flies out there .

Todays pictures are Tony in his new hat by the camp , and a couple of Big Red Shots .






Birdsville Dusty and Dirty

We have finally arrived in Birdsville, all are dusty dirty and smokey , it’s been quite a trip to get here , bush camping at night in the outback and driving all day , morning tea and lunch on the road .We’ve experienced the towns along the way,Cunnamulla,Thargomindah, Noccundra and Innaminka , can’t believe I have been to Innaminka three times !
We camped again at the Dig Tree , can’t believe I’ve done that three times as well . We have had one flat battery, two Anderson Plugs demolished ( these are used to charge the campers from the car ) . A few F words have been used , but considering all the obstacles the caravan is progressing onwards and upwards . We will have a little R&R here for a couple of days .

Picture below is of the expedition team


Cunnamulla to Thargomindah

We are all just waking and slowly heading back to the fire . We have had a good nights bush camp on a stoney rise between towns , on and off showers made us set camp on higher ground . The rain has now gone and a cool south wester has replaced it . The sun is now rising and warming the camp . It was party night last night , we celebrated Darby’s 54th birthday. A bottle of champagne was shared by all .


Foggy Morning in St George

Well we spent last night in St George , it was rather wet yesterday and a caravan park was the order of the day . Hot showers were needed and a recharge of batteries ( mechanically and personally ) . Sandra and Darb got their car going and we are now heading west towards Cunnamulla. The fog should lift for a sunny day .


Today’s pic is Sandra’s Big Pub Dinner last night


Lightning Ridge ( WET )

Well we are hear in Lightning Ridge , I always remember I once said I would never come back hear, and now here I am .
We had a hiccup this morning with Darb and Sandra’s Car , we have left him 20 kms out of town at last nights bush camp , their battery is totally dead .

We remaining four are now sitting in town waiting for them to return , We are awaiting Bacon and Egg Rolls and coffee for breakfast in a cafe .

The NRMA to the rescue !

The weather is cold and it’s very wet , rain all last night , think we will stay the night here .

The pic below is of three hungry travellers waiting for breakfast .


Mt Kaputar Morning

We are here in Mt Kaputar , just out of Narrabri, we are heading further west today , out to Walgett and Lightning Ridge , we are camped at a high elevation so the nights have been cold , and the hot water bottle has had a good workout .
Hot showers are available in this National Park , we have all taken advantage of them , you don’t know when you will next get one ,and you don’t know when next a blog can be done , there are issues with signal out here ,
We seen lots of cattle being herded yesterday down the long paddock , they are all coming down from Northern Queensland , they were all looking a little skinny , it’s very dry up north .
We haven’t struck rain as yet , although they say its on the forecast .

Below is a morning camp shot , Bruce and breakfast .



True Manyana magic May


Great waves all week. Clean & warm water, no crowds. Manyana Dreaming
This was the day that the swell finally faded away. May there be more weeks like this in the future.

Ella & Jack enjoy mothers day


Ella about to attempt a jump from the stair. That was until pop surprised her and maybe it was not the smartest idea.


Oh!!! Hi pop. I didnt know you were watching


How about i come down the stairs backwards! OK?


Jack always plays the roll of big brother so well. No wonder Ella is catching on fast to life’s tricks. Great dinner and bonus sleep over for Nan and Pop.

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