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Our Last Day in Seattle

We are having our last day here in Seattle , it’s raining again , which makes no difference, everything is done in the rain anyway .Yesterday we spent half the day on a tour of the Boeing Factory , the size of it is to hard to comprehend , 40,000 people work there , it has its own medical facility , doctors and nurses ,it is its own city. The building they build the planes in ,is 100acres in area and is the biggest single building in the world . We observed the construction of at least 18 planes , on average each was worth about 300 million.

Todays experience was probably more artistic , they have here in Seattle a famous glass artist called Dale Chihuly , his art can be seen in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas .Here in Seattle he has a Garden of Glass , a few photos follow .




I have finished the day , by purchasing an umbrella ( better late than never ) and stopping at the first Starbucks Coffee Shop for a picture , not a coffee .


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