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Lets Light Up the Day , with Light Houses

We have continued our day along the coast , the first picture is of Griffs Restaurant , we went their for dinner last night , very quirky.
To follow is a few pictures taken on our light house journey up the Oregon Coast , and I think we have more tomorrow, this coastline is so rugged in parts and usually flattens out when you reach a small town . We finished the day, by catching a lift down through a cliff, would you believe , to a cave on the coast with over 250 sea lions resting in it , the odour was like the worst fish bate ever .







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2 thoughts on “Lets Light Up the Day , with Light Houses

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Margy-Ann and Bruce

    Beautiful scenery and those lighthouses – stunning. Those sea lions certainly pump out a pungent smell when congregating together.

    The weather here has been warm and only slightly humid. Gave Jess, Frank and Pixie-Dust a bath yesterday. Jess is looking lovely. I don’t know how long she will stay looking good because her and Frank do a lot of wrestling. She does love to “whoo-whoo” him!

    xx Trish & Kerm xxx

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