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Oregon Coast

Well, rain started yesterday as we neared the Oregon boarder. It apparently is very common for rain and showery weather in this part of the world. When you have two thousand year old redwood trees and they haven’t burnt down, ( in two thousand years ) well you can imagine it doesn’t get very dry or hot here. What a spectacular rugged coastline . Tonight we are staying in the Castaway hotel.
Margy Ann is paranoid it is so much like Bate’s hotel in Psycho . She will lock the door and wont have a shower. Truly, this hotel sits atop a hill in this little fishing village called Port Orford. It’s so quiet here it’s scary . What’s really strange is the fishing fleet doesn’t have a harbour , they lower the boats by crane when they go to sea and return . The boats all sit upon wheels in the parking area. The drive through the redwood forests today was breath taking . They where huge.
Off to dinner tonight, in this town it can only be fish or crab. Not too hard to take.





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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Is that your car infront of trees? What is it.

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