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Today it’s Crescent City not Crescent Heads.

We left our B&B in Calistoga this morning ,after another 4 course breakfast , we consumed a Tomitello and Corn Puff, followed by an Apple Galette, then fresh berries with Creme Anglaise , and lastly a Leek and Cheese Soufflé, sitting on top of sautéed mushroom and bacon , all to die for ! .
So you can gather , there was no lunch for me today ,
We have travelled up the coast today , through the Red Wood Forests to a town on the coast called Crescent City , it sits just under the Oregon Border . It has rained most of the day , but the mist , the Spanish moss in the trees and the giant redwoods still make it attractive.

Below are a couple of pictures taken this morning in the Napa Valley , the Cherry Blossoms surround every road and vineyard , truly beautiful .




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One thought on “Today it’s Crescent City not Crescent Heads.

  1. four course breakfast – why had i not thought of that!

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