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The Napa Valley


Well we are now in the Napa Valley , we dove down from Lake Tahoe today , it was snowing up there when we left . They were praying for snow up there as
there has been none for 9 weeks . Below is a picture of the place we stayed in in Lake Tahoe , but minus the snow in the picture .


We visited our first winery called Opus One , very impressive modelled on Parliament House apparently , picture below br />
We are staying in a town at the top of the valley called Calastoga, and upon our return this afternoon the boys ( Chris and Brent ) served drinks on the porch , and look who I met ,their dog Skip .


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One thought on “The Napa Valley

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Margy-Ann and Bruce

    Lovely photo of the Goldie and Opus One winery. It is a lovely building and the grounds are beautiful. Lake Tahoe also looked very inviting.

    Jess is fine. Lots of wet weather here, but all the dogs have been very good.

    xx Trisha & Ker xx

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