Manyana Dreaming

The life and travels of the Kemp Family

Death Valley

Well, Vegas in long behind us now. We got to our hire , sorry, I mean rental car yard.
Which was some distance past the airport ,where all the other car rental bases are.
Anyway, after some serious discussion with my best new friend George, we got on the road at about 9.30am.
There will be some more serious discussion with travel agent re car rental on our return to home.
The day out on the road was very spectacular. Some of the scenery and the road itself was exciting to drive. Death Valley area was amazing . We cruised along until we got to Mammoth lakes.
The area is a large ski area, got into a old style hotel lodge, Sierra Nevada Lodge . I keep expecting Bing Crosby & Bob Hope should walk in any minute. The town and streets look crap. As the snow is very much on the melting stage,and all the salt grit that they shower the roads with over winter make everything dirty and grey. Still very busy though. Just back from Rafters bar &lounge after a meal at the bar. It was ok. Bed early, all is good with us . We hope everyone is well and we look forward to keeping in touch with all.


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