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Jacks Special Day

Well my beautiful boy turned 5 , and he had a special day celebrating with all his friends .




Homeward Bound

It’s 6am , we are leaving now , heading for home via , TRAINS ! PLANES ! and AUTOMOBILES.

NO PHOTOS ! DON’T LOOK TO GOOD . Been awake since 4am

Looking forward to seeing all my boys and girls .

Our Last Day in Seattle

We are having our last day here in Seattle , it’s raining again , which makes no difference, everything is done in the rain anyway .Yesterday we spent half the day on a tour of the Boeing Factory , the size of it is to hard to comprehend , 40,000 people work there , it has its own medical facility , doctors and nurses ,it is its own city. The building they build the planes in ,is 100acres in area and is the biggest single building in the world . We observed the construction of at least 18 planes , on average each was worth about 300 million.

Todays experience was probably more artistic , they have here in Seattle a famous glass artist called Dale Chihuly , his art can be seen in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas .Here in Seattle he has a Garden of Glass , a few photos follow .




I have finished the day , by purchasing an umbrella ( better late than never ) and stopping at the first Starbucks Coffee Shop for a picture , not a coffee .


Sleepless in Seattle “No”

Well we are now hear in Seattle , left our car at the airport and caught the FREE light rail into the city ( we had no money to pay only a $50.00 note which the machines won’t take )
We are staying down on the harbour in a great little hotel .
We are being picked up this morning to be taken out to the Boeing factory for a tour , you won’t see any photos though , no camera are allowed .
Todays post includes the very last lighthouse , this one is in Washington. A view of our Neon sign from our room and the cute little umbrella shop ,which is opposite our hotel ( this is a girlie post )





The Last of the Lighthouses

Well we are just about come to the end of the Oregon Coast , it’s been very scenic and I had to show you the last of the lighthouses . The weather has been clear but still so cold .




We stayed in this small town called Depoe Bay , the sea lions live under the bridge , this bridge was made famous in the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest , it’s where the residents of the hospital escaped from , when they stole a boat .


Raby meets the sea

Welcome back
We missed a day due to no wi fi connections. Oregon is in many ways, very much ( which may not be a bad thing ) 40 years behind the rest of USA. It is very rural and old fashion simple.
We have seen some beautiful coastline , rugged and unspoilt . The weather has been excellent for us, full sunshine and no wind. Though the cold is with us all through the day.
We arrived here at Seaside late this afternoon. We opted for a basic motel here in town. On our investigating walk this late afternoon, we have discovered the one not so great part of the Oregon coast. It’s like nothing else we have seen, it’s crap. Very strange arrangement of people come to this fun parlour ,cheap daggy arcade shops etc. it’s up towards the very northern end of the coast and we suspect its where the Portland people come to the coast.
All is good , we go into Washington State tomorrow then onto Seattle .





Lets Light Up the Day , with Light Houses

We have continued our day along the coast , the first picture is of Griffs Restaurant , we went their for dinner last night , very quirky.
To follow is a few pictures taken on our light house journey up the Oregon Coast , and I think we have more tomorrow, this coastline is so rugged in parts and usually flattens out when you reach a small town . We finished the day, by catching a lift down through a cliff, would you believe , to a cave on the coast with over 250 sea lions resting in it , the odour was like the worst fish bate ever .







Oregon Coast

Well, rain started yesterday as we neared the Oregon boarder. It apparently is very common for rain and showery weather in this part of the world. When you have two thousand year old redwood trees and they haven’t burnt down, ( in two thousand years ) well you can imagine it doesn’t get very dry or hot here. What a spectacular rugged coastline . Tonight we are staying in the Castaway hotel.
Margy Ann is paranoid it is so much like Bate’s hotel in Psycho . She will lock the door and wont have a shower. Truly, this hotel sits atop a hill in this little fishing village called Port Orford. It’s so quiet here it’s scary . What’s really strange is the fishing fleet doesn’t have a harbour , they lower the boats by crane when they go to sea and return . The boats all sit upon wheels in the parking area. The drive through the redwood forests today was breath taking . They where huge.
Off to dinner tonight, in this town it can only be fish or crab. Not too hard to take.





Today it’s Crescent City not Crescent Heads.

We left our B&B in Calistoga this morning ,after another 4 course breakfast , we consumed a Tomitello and Corn Puff, followed by an Apple Galette, then fresh berries with Creme Anglaise , and lastly a Leek and Cheese Soufflé, sitting on top of sautéed mushroom and bacon , all to die for ! .
So you can gather , there was no lunch for me today ,
We have travelled up the coast today , through the Red Wood Forests to a town on the coast called Crescent City , it sits just under the Oregon Border . It has rained most of the day , but the mist , the Spanish moss in the trees and the giant redwoods still make it attractive.

Below are a couple of pictures taken this morning in the Napa Valley , the Cherry Blossoms surround every road and vineyard , truly beautiful .




Welcome To Calistoga

We have had a full day in the Napa Valley , it started with a long breakfast, with all the trimmings , We have travelled the length and breadth of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys , there are over 450 wineries in each , we have visited 2 , it is so big and to much to comprehend . We have tasted ( at a cost ) and eaten our way around . We head off towards Oregon in the morning


Above is our B&B


Bruce enjoying the second course of the three course breakfast .


Spring has sprung here , the magnolias, the cherry blossoms and daffodils are all in bloom , above is the magnolia at our front porch .

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