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Welcome to Mt Mo , Enjoy the Fresh Snow

These were the words that greeted us this morning at the Mt Morrisey Chair , we were out early to enjoy the fresh powder runs , before they got cut to shreds .


We skied till 11am then retired due to aching legs , went back to the village for our daily coffee at Balocco, the coffee and the cakes and the service are exceptional. I have included a picture of the warm Blueberry Cake , I tried to get the owner to divulge the recipe , but have to work it out for my self , maybe someone at home can try it and have it perfected upon my return .

it’s like a cake mix , scooped onto a sheet pan with a scoop , frozen blueberries pushed into the top , with finely grated orange rind sprinkled over it , baked in the over and then served warm , with a dusting of icing sugar . SO SO GOOD ! . I asked for the recipe , all they tell me could tell me was it was like a sponge cake and use frozen berries .
Pleases try to make these someone .


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mt Mo , Enjoy the Fresh Snow

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Bruce and Margy-Ann

    Beautiful photos of the snow and the village. Your blueberry morning tea looks so delicious.

    Jess is fantastic. Gordy had his left hip replaced on Thursday. He is being crated for the next 6-8 weeks. All the dogs are fine with the extra care he needs.

    Pouring rain here today. We have had more than 50ml of rain.

    Trisha & Kerm

    • Im so glad Jess is well, and Gordon is Ok , I miss Jessie and I feel for Gordon having to miss out on all the fun with the others.
      My love to all MAK

  2. Hi Margee you will be pleased to know I think I have found a recipe but you need to see if you can buy a Bun Tray to cook them in. Its like a shallow patty tin but I think I have found one.

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