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Very cold today



Great clear start to the day, The snow has stayed in great condition due to the very cold conditions. We have called it a day about 2pm today. It has become very cold up high on the mountain. A pool of cold air has snuck in and it hurts , it seeps into the bones and your face stings no matter what you have on. As i sit here typing these notes i know some washing is in order this afternoon as my ski socks stink.The forecast is for more snow starting tomorrow, so we will head back into the tree runs which Margy Ann likes the best. My heart was in my mouth today when Margy ann lost her edge on a very serious steep steep black run.exactly where you did not want to fall, well, she did. A spectacular series of 360 degree spins on her back, finishing with a head down slope direction slide that i swear went more than 150mtrs. A trail of stocks and equipment ( lucky i was behind uphill from her) As i skied down to her. After Carols accident i was so glad to find a very very snow encrusted Margy Ann with nothing hurt but her pride. Needless to say, that run was abandon for the day.(it is a #@^%*# steep slope? cliff)) We skied on and enjoyed the slightly less challenging runs for the remainder of the day. Out for dinner tonight at the Powder Hound restaurant the best Chicken Shnitzels in the world. The  photo is from our Balcony and off the Elevation Chair lift

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4 thoughts on “Very cold today

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Oh Gosh…please be careful and go SLOW and no more black runs!! It so easy to get seriously hurt. So slow down… you too dad.

  2. Sandra on said:

    Schnitzel! Someone say schnitzel? It is my favourite! One of them anyway…Sandra.

  3. Looks like you are having the best time . Poor Carol I feel for her what bad luck. I went for that job at the airport yesterday , the bad news they want me to start at 5.00 am in winter what do you think Margee.

    • Sounds like your still haggling over hours ,if you stat at 5am what time do you finish , do you get parking ,one advantage is you would beat the traffic ,and is it still weekend work .

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