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Nearly a super sunday


Wow. what a morning, Snow over night ,and cold clear morning. It wasn’t top of your boot stuff, but it was up to the first buckle deep. We have skied a line that margy ann has heaps of confidence on. Caraboo black diamond and v steep. it was unmarked when we rode first on lift to it this morning. Cant explain the first and second runs down . We were the only skiers for a while. Then the crew worked it out, and in one hour the run was shredded and ruined,. But boy did we have a smile on a faces for a while. It has turned very cold today, the wind now is from the north and a bitter chill to it. After 4 1/2 hrs skiing we are shot in the legs,so back to base for nice long relaxing lunch. We are good, always tied by the end of a good ski. NOTE to see photos better dont forget to click on the photo and it should show full size pixels. The photo below is awaiting first chair up this morningImage


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