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Very Quiet Day Sunpeaks


Very quiet day, no people at all anywhere. We did not ski today, spent the day helping Brian and Carol organise there departure. Broken leg confirmed and Carol placed in a temporary split. They are returning to Sydney for op this week under a surgeon they know. Will need to be pinned, very uncomfortable trip home.Had to arrange car back to Vancouver as she can’t fit in the Dash 8 plane from Kamloops with a straight leg. The day has just disappeared and now we have just seen them off. Back in our room, quiet refreshment from the bar and time to sit and send this note. We are good, Margy Ann has gone shopping(don’t know where) but she has disappeared somewhere. These photos we took today after we took crutchers back to First Aid Centre. The photo below is Carol leaving Sunpeaks Image


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3 thoughts on “Very Quiet Day Sunpeaks

  1. Sandra on said:

    Hi Margy Ann & Bruce, Sorry about the start of your holiday…. hopefully it is on the up from here on and Carol recovers well.

    Just a note to wish you a happy birthday Margy Ann. Cake of the day definitely today!

    We are off tomorrow to to look at 4WD vehicles for the next trip!

    Have a great time and stay safe. Love Sandra & Darb. xx

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Your poor friend Carol – such a terrible way to end a holiday. It will be a l-o-n-g trip back to Australia for them.

    Jess is having a great time. I wanted to send you a couple of photos of the two of them playing, but I haven’t quite worked out how. Suffice to say, that we took all the dogs to the park last night, and Jess became an exceptional retriever. She not only chased the ball, she brought it back – time and time again. Frank ran around the park with a squeaky toy, squeaky it non-stop until we were all fed up trying to talk over the noise of the squeaky ball. All dogs were exhausted last night after their big run at the park.

    Glad to see you got a Goldie fix there. Trish and Kerm

  3. Anonymous on said:


    Happy birthday. We hope you have a fabulous time on this special day. Trish & Kerm xxx

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