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How Pretty is This


This is the Foyer of the Wynn Casino , It never fails to impress me , the flowers are wonderful.

It In The Pronunciation

Why is it, that every time we order a coffee, no matter if its Margy Ann of me. They just don’t get it.
We have been Camp, Kent, Kimp, as you can see Kim SO as of now we place order with the name Margaret.
I am sure we speak proper English ?????

Vegas anything is possible

Well it’s not quite the original

You never know who you might meet here walking down the street.i am sure Jack would have been impressed.

It’s not like Rooty Hill RSL

This is in the gaming area of Wynns Casino, the walkways between gambling areas.
We are always amazed at this place. It is so undiscribable ,uniquely stupid. Yet totally infectious .
It does have its redneck and sleeze side, but there is so much more, that is beyond that. Some of the shopping and casino presentation is the most glitz and style you could imagine.

Margy Ann shopping in her favourite shop. Ouch!!!!!!visacard.

Good Morning from Vancouver

We flew into Vancouver with only a couple of minor delays , touched down to the usual rain , but that how I like this place , a cosy town , below is our view from our room , and there great breakfast .

Dinner at Carderos last night , as good as ever , and breakfast in the hotel , with the same waitress, and she remembered us , she was so lovely to Jack when we came with Natalie and James , and I had to order the Buttermilk Pancakes.



Thats the end of the Skiing



Well two weeks skiing has come to and end, our posts may be spread out now as we dont know how the email availability will go after Las Vegas. We leave here this morning at 9.30 to Kamloops airport for flight to Vancouver. We have had the best time here except for the start with Carols accident . The skiing has been the best we have ever had. Snowed so many nights that the early start was a must, but that ensured powdery conditions most mornings. We will miss out street that we lived on,will miss the atmosphere and friendly people , i will miss my view from my kitchen window. Sunpeaks, We will be Back



The game is on, our afternoon happy hour challenge. I am happy to report that game score is 4 all. The photo below was taken last night on our walk back up from a great dinner at the Bottoms bar & Grill.The light snow falling means another great early morning ski is on order for our last day skiing here.



Image Margy Ann enjoying boot deep powder snow. You only get to ski these shute runs once, as they are a access run from one mountain to the other. This was just one of these days, Margy is skiing a much wider ski. and in these conditions she is loving it.

Welcome to Mt Mo , Enjoy the Fresh Snow

These were the words that greeted us this morning at the Mt Morrisey Chair , we were out early to enjoy the fresh powder runs , before they got cut to shreds .


We skied till 11am then retired due to aching legs , went back to the village for our daily coffee at Balocco, the coffee and the cakes and the service are exceptional. I have included a picture of the warm Blueberry Cake , I tried to get the owner to divulge the recipe , but have to work it out for my self , maybe someone at home can try it and have it perfected upon my return .

it’s like a cake mix , scooped onto a sheet pan with a scoop , frozen blueberries pushed into the top , with finely grated orange rind sprinkled over it , baked in the over and then served warm , with a dusting of icing sugar . SO SO GOOD ! . I asked for the recipe , all they tell me could tell me was it was like a sponge cake and use frozen berries .
Pleases try to make these someone .


Snowing again


Woke to fresh snow falling again this morning. Margy Ann was a feeling a little slow today, stayed in , did not want a snowy chair ride first thing so she passed up one session on the skis. We arrange to meet up for morning tea at 10.30am. After two hours skiing, it was cut up and my legs were burnt out anyway. We lazed about watching tv and went back out for afternoon runs at 1pm. The weather cleared with the odd flurry and not as cold. Had Italian dinner tonight, down the bottom of the village. Its always a nice walk at night along the snow street.They leave it as an actual ski run through the day, no vehicles at all only pedestrians and skiers. Home to watch some more tv . Early bed . The photo is from two days ago when we walked about 2klm out of the village on a snow walking trail.

Very cold today



Great clear start to the day, The snow has stayed in great condition due to the very cold conditions. We have called it a day about 2pm today. It has become very cold up high on the mountain. A pool of cold air has snuck in and it hurts , it seeps into the bones and your face stings no matter what you have on. As i sit here typing these notes i know some washing is in order this afternoon as my ski socks stink.The forecast is for more snow starting tomorrow, so we will head back into the tree runs which Margy Ann likes the best. My heart was in my mouth today when Margy ann lost her edge on a very serious steep steep black run.exactly where you did not want to fall, well, she did. A spectacular series of 360 degree spins on her back, finishing with a head down slope direction slide that i swear went more than 150mtrs. A trail of stocks and equipment ( lucky i was behind uphill from her) As i skied down to her. After Carols accident i was so glad to find a very very snow encrusted Margy Ann with nothing hurt but her pride. Needless to say, that run was abandon for the day.(it is a #@^%*# steep slope? cliff)) We skied on and enjoyed the slightly less challenging runs for the remainder of the day. Out for dinner tonight at the Powder Hound restaurant the best Chicken Shnitzels in the world. The  photo is from our Balcony and off the Elevation Chair lift

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